Family wealth at all levels needs to be efficiently organized for good management, tax efficiency and future planning. From the very complex, established family structure to the young family with a vision of how their future will unfold, our three generations of experience will guide you through sound and tested financial principles to hold and protect assets yet ensure compatibility with each individual family’s values.

To build financial security plans that truly protect and pass on what you have built, we use a proven process based on the four cornerstones of financial security – financial security at death, at retirement, liquidity and disability and critical illness. Working together, we assess your total financial security planning needs regarding retirement, insurance, major purchases and education – then we look at product solutions to help address those specific needs.

This goal-based financial security planning approach is designed to help you:

  • Better understand what financial security means to you by reviewing your current needs and defining goals
  • Identify and discuss any roadblocks to achieve your goals
  • Analyse your situation, identify any gaps and build a plan to help you achieve your short- and long-term goals
  • Review and monitor your plan to help ensure it continues to meet your changing needs

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